Kid Kentucky

Ultimate Kid Rock Tribute Band
Touring out of Nashville, TN, this top Kid Rock tribute band astonishes fans nationwide with its authentic blend of rock, country, and rap in high-energy, convincing performances.

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Country, Pop, Rock

Based in: Nashville, Tennessee

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Kid Kentucky

Kid Kentucky and the American Badass Band, recognized as the premier Kid Rock tribute band in the nation, delivers an electrifying and authentic Kid Rock experience that consistently leaves audiences in awe. Their performances are so convincing that fans often find themselves in disbelief during the opening songs, amazed at the accuracy and energy of the tribute.

Based in Nashville, TN, the band has taken their remarkable show on the road, captivating audiences across the United States. They've brought their high-octane tribute to every region, from the northern states to the southern heartlands, and from the eastern shores to the western plains. Their ability to capture the essence of a true Kid Rock concert is uncanny. The band's energy and charisma on stage mirror those of Kid Rock, turning each concert into not just a musical event but a raucous, unforgettable party. The atmosphere at their shows is further amplified by fans dressed in Kid Rock gear, creating a shared experience of music and revelry.

The American Badass Band's repertoire covers the full range of Kid Rock's career. They skillfully navigate through his hard-rocking anthems, country-tinged ballads, and distinctive rap style. Their shows are not just concerts but journeys through Kid Rock's greatest hits, meticulously crafted to emulate the spirit and vibrancy of his performances. For fans of Kid Rock, Kid Kentucky and the American Badass Band offer the closest thing to seeing the iconic performer live, showcasing their commitment and talent in recreating the excitement and magnetism of one of rock's most dynamic artists.

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