The Linkin Park Tribute

Recreating the Magic of Linkin Park
Linkin Park was one of the most successful rock acts in the world! Selling over 50 million records, going platinum and winning two Grammy’s! With massive hit songs like – “In The End”, “Crawling”, “Somewhere I Belong” and “Paper Cut”, they have forever cemented their legacy into the history of rock and roll.

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Based in: Orlando, Florida

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The Linkin Park Tribute

The Linkin Park Tribute Band, formed by six accomplished musicians from Orlando, Florida, in early 2023, is a powerful homage to one of the most successful rock acts in the world, Linkin Park. This tribute band was created to honor the life and legacy of Chester Bennington, Linkin Park's beloved singer and frontman, whose passing on July 20, 2017, profoundly impacted the band and fans worldwide.

Carrying the torch of 2000s NuMetal, the Linkin Park Tribute Band performs Linkin Park's hits with exact precision, captivating audiences with their radio-quality renditions. Their performances are a thrilling trip down memory lane, igniting early 2000s nostalgia and inviting fans to sing along to massive hits like "In The End," "Crawling," "Somewhere I Belong," and "Paper Cut."

Recognized as the most authentic and exact-sounding Linkin Park tribute band in the world, they have been selling out venues across the USA. They are headlining in Live Nation rooms, Houses of Blues, casinos, and festivals. Their shows are electrifying, quickly engaging fans who enthusiastically sing along from the first song. The interaction with the crowd is a significant highlight of their performances, creating an electrifying atmosphere where thousands of fans sing their favorite songs in unison.

The Linkin Park Tribute Band is actively performing and available for various events including large rooms, Live Nation venues, Houses of Blues, festivals, casinos, rock venues, fly-out dates, and private parties. Their show is a must-see for Linkin Park fans and rock enthusiasts, offering an unforgettable experience that celebrates the enduring influence and musical legacy of Linkin Park.

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